Software Development Kit (SDK)

Our SDK enables simple, easy development of your Bluetooth applications.

The SDK provides you with all the common APIs to support Bluetooth operation so you can easily develop your application to provide the great features you're looking for.

SDK has a host of features to assist you in the development, including:
  • full stack and profiles functionality coverage
  • comprehensive documentation, including registry (config files) settings
  • sample programs
  • facility to be customised for customer needs (3 customer-specific presets are included)
  • highly customizable SPP
  • special API layer to support GUI development

Supported APIs

  • Stack Access API
  • Service Discovery Protocol API
  • Obex Exchange API
  • Stack Management API
  • Audio/Headset Support API
  • Virtual Port Management API
  • Personal Area Network User(PANu)
  • Driver Input/Output Control(IOCTL) Interface API
  • TCS Binary API
  • High Level SCO API
  • Cordless Telephony Profile API
  • Intercom Profile API
  • Socket API
  • Other APIs

Development Platform requirements

  • 500MHz minimum
  • 256MB minimum
Disk Space:
  • 20MB minimum
  • gcc 3.0 or higher (Linux)
  • Visual Studio 6.0 or above (WinXP)
  • Embedded Visual C++ 4.0 (WinCE)
  • Visual Studio/.NET 2005 (WinCE Embedded)
SDK Compliance:
  • SDK is compliant with version 3.0 BR/EDR of the Bluetooth Core Specification and Bluetooth Profiles Specification.